When it comes to Latin, I can say it’s all Greek to me.
All except for when I’m saying, musculus uvulae.
The root form of Uvula distinctly calls out its shape.
No matter how much you whine, Uva does mean grape.

Nasal sounds abound from the absence of the Uvula
And when this is the case, it can cause a case of apnea.
Breathing alongside eating can be harmful in its pairing
Without the help of Uvula to block off the nasopharynx.

At the Hollywood soirees, all the divas call upon it
To be their after dinner mint, to help inducing vomit.
Whether you are a Hebrew, Ubykh, French or Hmong,
Guttural sounds are found between the Uvula and tongue.

You can cut out your tonsils if they ever give you issue.
(Does anyone really need those mucous-covered tissues?)
Every artist cleans his palate when showing off his wares.
And when celebrating Uvula, they shout as if they had a pair.

So when you sleep and count those sheep with a deep, deep “Baaa”
Know that your snoring would be very, very boring
Without your Uvula.


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